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L to R: Ashleender Kaur, Anne Chua, Eileen Chia and Joey Lim

The key goal of the Writing Centre is to promote collaborative learning. Our writing facilitators assist writers in addressing various issues they may encounter. In order for learning to be conducive, facilitators converse with writers about the topic at hand, support them to gain perspective on their writing, and facilitate writers’ process in developing ideas and finding their own answers. This places writers in control of their own writing.

In addition to a place where students can get help with their writing, the centre serves as the heart of the College’s writing community in Singapore. Students working to redraft and submit papers to conferences take advantage of the centre and student staff members can organize public talks around the topic of books and writing.

Peer tutors are selected in their junior year and receive training during the Overseas Immersion experience in Boston from the Writing Program on campus. Back home in Singapore, they are supported remotely by senior staff from the Program.

Consultant Bios

Want to get to know the Help Desk students? Here they are! Come visit anytime. The sign-up sheet is posted on the 8th floor notice board. Improving your writing is a lifelong learning effort. Get started now!

“A writer is a photographer of thoughts”- Brandon A. Trean. Writing to Anne Chua is about self-expression; a process of putting her thoughts, ideas and reflections into words. She believes strongly in individuality in writing and that everyone is a writer in their own rights. She also believes that reading and writing comes hand in hand and enjoys reading and collecting both children and adult literatures. Some of Anne’s favourite authors are Harper Lee, Khaled Hosseini, Julia Donaldson and Peter H. Reynolds.

Ashleender Kaur enjoys meeting people from all walks of life as there is plenty that we can learn from one another. She believes that there is true beauty in language which is why she has a great passion for reading and writing, dedicating her holidays to spending time with children who need the extra help in these areas. Ashleender believes that everyone is a writer and hope that the Writing Centre becomes a platform where writing experiences are enhanced in a calming environment. We can all excel as writers as long as we learn to love writing, much like what Doris Lessing says, “You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.”

Eileen Chia has always been intrigued in learning about children’s language and literacy experiences and takes great delight in reading a wide array of children’s literature. She finds comfort in writing as a means of regulating her thoughts and feelings, and believes that writing allows one to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, of the world, or even a weave of both: themselves in this world.

Joey Lim views communication as one of the most important aspect of our being. As an individual who enjoys reading and watching films, Joey hopes to influence her peers to develop a passion for the language and impart skills that will help them excel academically.


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