Service Learning

* Wheelock College and SIT are no longer accepting any applications for the SIT bachelor’s program. The Bachelor of Science at SIT will conclude in June 2018.


Required Service Learning Component

What is the Service Learning Component of the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Educational Studies and Leadership?

Service learning extends education beyond the classroom as it provides an opportunity for learners to apply their academic knowledge to the greater community in order to solve real-world needs. The service learning component is a graduation requirement for the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree. It engages learners in the concept of social change as they work to improve community conditions, to advance the early childhood profession, to address social problems, and to enhance the lives of people in Southeast Asia under supervision at a local placement. By connecting community service with dynamic learning and thoughtful reflection, learners will hone their leadership skills while sharpening their critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities.

This component of the degree programme will lead the students towards becoming well-grounded citizens who will serve as active agents for positive social change in their own classrooms and beyond. It is intended to encourage active learning through the process of outreach and reflection, ultimately providing learners with an opportunity to observe the world beyond their classrooms and, in doing so, develop a critical and compassionate perspective both on society and on themselves.

How is the Service Learning Component Carried Out?

  • Wheelock College Singapore will work with local organisations to devise meaningful placements for groups of approximately 3-6 students on topics or themes related to the academic programme. Such topics include literacy, special education, learning through the arts, policy advocacy. etc. Groups of students, in consultation with a faculty member or the director, may also design their own community service project but must ensure that it is clearly linked to the curriculum and that the work is meaningful, professional, skill-enhancing and have a strong learning component. All placements or projects must be approved by Wheelock College–Singapore and agreed to jointly by the College and the organization. Buy in from the organisation is essential so that the project is integrated with the work of the organisation. Students should work with the organisation so that it is a true partnership and collaboration, ideally with a plan to conceptualise the learning into the ongoing work of the organisation.
  • Students must complete the minimum of 30 hours during the course of the Bachelor of Science programme.
  • Students will be supported to adapt this experience to meet their own academic and professional goals and areas of interest. Each group of students will collaborate with Wheelock College –Singapore and the on-site supervisor to agree on the goals, objectives, and activities of the service learning project. Students will complete a Learning-Work Agreement outlining the goals and expectations of both parties and confirming a set schedule for the service work.
  • Students will be encouraged to expand their Professional Teacher Portfolio by including the experience gained during this service learning component.
  • Students will be required to complete individual reflective journal assignments in order to integrate the learning from this experience into their academic programme, portfolio, and resume. A final public presentation at a Student Conference summarizing students’ experiences and analysing the outcomes of the project is a requirement of the service learning experience.

What is the Service Learning requirement designed to accomplish?

  • Offer innovative ideas, skills and problem solving to produce meaningful outcomes to the broader community
  • Gain deeper, experiential knowledge of the Early Childhood or other related industries
  • Bring classroom knowledge and expertise to a variety of professional settings
  • Develop leadership skills, a greater degree of professionalism and a higher level of self-confidence

 The Public Presentation

The Public Presentation at a Student Conference is to summarize students’ experiences and analyse the outcomes of the project. Each group will be given 10 minutes to present their project, using Microsoft Powerpoint. Students may use the following questions to guide them in preparing the slides:

  1. Description of project
  2. How was your education at Wheelock put to use in this project?
  3. How does your project relate to the curriculum taught at Wheelock?
  4. What are the learning points derived from this project?
  5. Describe what impact you think it had on the organization and community where you carried it out. Cite any specific evidence.
  6. If you and the organization were to continue with your project, what are some suggestions you would take to further develop and improve it.

In order to receive credit for the service learning component of the Bachelor of Science program, students are required to write a final paper summarizing their experience for this project. This paper should be between three and five pages and address the questions as mentioned above. Photographs that were taken during service learning should also be included in this paper.

The deadline for submission is 2 weeks before Graduation.

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