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Student Leadership


Joey Lim serves as the President of the Wheelock Student Government. As an avid reader who enjoys watching films, she is also a strong believer that the world is a laboratory to a child’s inquiring mind. With immense interest in working and interacting with young children, Joey is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of the children she works with. With her experience in past leadership roles, Joey is determined to work with every committee member as a team to bring the community of Wheelock College-Singapore to greater heights.

Wendy Yee serves as the Vice President of the Wheelock Student Government. She hopes to use education to inspire a world of good and believes that all children should have access to high quality education. In her free time, Wendy enjoys reading, exploring new places, and volunteering her time at grassroots’ events.

Pearlene Quek serves as Secretary of the Wheelock Student Government. Pearlene has been a full-time early childhood educator for two years and was the President of NP Voices in Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2011. She firmly believes that early childhood education goes beyond an academic transfer of knowledge to include nurturing character in children, working with families, and ultimately improving our society. An ardent learner, Pearlene enjoys watching TED talks and pursues many interests including modern calligraphy, watercolour painting, and cookery.

With an enquiring mind, research plays a big part in Bianca Tan’s life. She loves everything about the sea, and especially enjoys water sports and activities such as sailing and scuba diving. An aspiring philanthropist, she believes in speaking out for the rights of children and others who need a voice and would ultimately like to help those who are in need of support. Her philosophy in life is to be happy and ensure the happiness of those around her.

Muhammad Hadi is the SIT Representative for Wheelock College-Singapore representing the junior class of cohort 10. Some of his hobbies include cooking, going for thrilling adventures, and team sports. He believes in teamwork, cooperation, and respect between group members and he is looking forward to achieving great things during his time at Wheelock-Singapore. With the vast experience Hadi has working with young children, he believes in educating and imparting good moral values to children at a very young age to have a better and understanding society in the future. He also, strongly believes in educating parents and would like to be an advocate for parental education in the future.

Lydia Tan is the co-chair for the junior class at Wheelock College-Singapore. Lydia loves being around her friends and spending time outdoor in the nature. She is also active and adventurous and one of her mottos in life is to try everything once. As an individual who has great interest in arts and museums, Lydia aims to bring arts to children’s learning and life and bringing museum programming to a classroom for children to learn and explore.

Eunice Vidette Theadore is the co-chair for the junior class at Wheelock College-Singapore. Having a friendly and approachable disposition, Eunice continuously aims to bring happiness to the world around her. Her experience in the early childhood sector has helped her gain new insights as well as helped hone skills such as leadership, responsibility and resilience. She continuously finds ways to improve herself and always seeks to be just. She believes that as future educators, we hold the power to make change in our Singapore society especially in the area of special rights. Eunice hopes that she will continue to always put her best in what she does and to do it with an open heart and open mind.

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