By Yeo Mei Xian

Besides teaching, teachers also have to innovate, motivate and inspire. They have to find ways to excite children to learn, what are the right questions to ask, and inculcate values that build their character.

What happens behind the scene after you drop your child off at his preschool?

We point out 10 other roles that teachers have to carry out that often go unnoticed.

Ellis Lee photo

1. Public Relations Officer

They build strong relationships

Learning can only take place effectively in a nurturing, supportive, and emotionally secure environment. For that to occur, teachers seek to build and maintain positive and trusting relationships with the children under their care. They do so through interacting and engaging in activities with them daily. Teachers also seek to identify and meet the needs and interests of every child through day to day experiences, as well as establishing regular communication with their families, and the community.

2. Writer and Journalist

They write stories and capture moments

Recording children’s responses and conversations, as well as capturing their learning processes in photographs are important in enhancing teaching and learning in the early childhood classroom. Teachers gather, organise and display these documentations at various learning spaces in the preschool. These displays invite children to revisit and reflect on their learning encounters, and challenge educators to ponder on the effectiveness of their teaching practices.

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