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Faculty Spotlight: Margaret Leitch Copeland

Wheelock students are encouraged to make a difference. In Professor Margaret Leitch Copeland’s policy advocacy course, they are doing just that through the written word.
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Faculty spotlight: Shaireen Selamat on Information Technology in Early Childhood Education

Shaireen Selamat discusses the use of technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning in early childhood education and her class on Information Technology in Early Childhood Education. Continue reading

Alumni spotlight: Laura Tan on making museums child-friendly and fun

Postage stamps tell stories. They teach us about history and geography, people and culture, science and technology, and they use graphics and colors in creative and imaginative ways. Children discover that stamps are miniature pieces of art that document historical milestones, national achievements, inspirational people and more.
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Alumni spotlight: Elaine Chan on teaching preschoolers through museums

First in an occasional series on Wheelock College Singapore alumni whose work in early childhood education have taken them outside of the classroom and into other workplaces, extending their expertise and teaching approach to a wider reach. Continue reading

Faculty spotlight: Learning and teaching through the arts, with Susan Kosoff

Award-winning educator and playwright Susan Kosoff is spending her ninth summer in Singapore, teaching the use of movement, music, drama, and the visual arts to help preschool children to learn, grow, and thrive. Continue reading

Alumni spotlight: Zita Tan, continuing in the tradition of the Wheelock family

Before preschoolers at Pebble Place Development Centre took a class trip to the National Museum of Singapore, they were asked to bring from home something old that they could talk about in school.

That got them talking to schoolmates about their family histories, their grandparents, and other personal reflections. Continue reading

Faculty spotlight: Teaching linguistic competency to preschoolers the hands-on way

In her class “Promoting Young Children’s Language Acquisition and Development,” Professor Judith Gold tells her students to come up with ways to encourage preschoolers to learn, interact, and explore. Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight: Belinda Chong, WCS ‘14

Belinda Chong drew on what she learned at Wheelock College Singapore to make an award-winning success of her first year of teaching preschool. She will receive a Reading Innovation Award from the National Library Board for instilling students with a love of reading and writing. Continue reading