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Final cohort of Master’s in ECE is launched

The final cohort of the Master of Science in Early Childhood Education Programme, a collaboration between SEED Institute and Wheelock College, launched during Orientation on Saturday, 22 January 2018.

This programme applies current knowledge and theory in the fields of child development, early education, and research to leadership in the early childhood sector. It provides an excellent model to educate professionals for leadership, management, teacher education, and policy-making positions in early childhood education in Asia and globally.

Far left, last row: Beth Fredericks shows a ‘W’ for our Wheelock family; far left, first row: Ho Yin Fong shows a ‘1’ for the first Master’s cohort. The rest of the students show 10 fingers representing the 10th cohort.


There are 32 students who currently work as principals, senior teachers, curriculum mentors, technology educators, consultants, lecturers and more. They have owned centres, worked with special needs children, low income families, and in many communities across Singapore. This is one of the largest cohorts of the nine previous ones.

On Saturday, Ho Yin Fong represented both SEED Institute and the very first Master’s cohort which launched in 1991. Ms Ho said, “This is a very good time to be in this programme as both Wheelock College and SEED Institute move into their new roles. With Wheelock merging with Boston University and SEED Institute contributing to the new National Institute for Early Childhood (NIEC), we look forward to our Master’s grads joining the sector with their fresh knowledge.”

The programme combines local and international faculty who are experienced in educating adult learners. Each selected faculty member possesses extensive experience in their identified area of expertise. The program grants a total of 30 credit-hours of graduate study to be offered in Singapore. Courses are offered in intensive one-week sessions, with the classes being held evenings and during weekends in order to accommodate in-service practitioners.

Best of luck to our new Master’s students!

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