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Student leaders at Wheelock-Singapore launch Cohort 10’s final term


L to R: Lydia Tan, Muhammad Hadi, Poh Yee, Eunice Theadore

The student leaders representing Cohort 10 are Muhammad Hadi, Ng Poh Yee, Eunice Vidette Theadore, and Lydia Tan.

Muhammad Hadi is the President for Wheelock College-Singapore representing Cohort 10. Some of his hobbies include cooking, going for thrilling adventures, and team sports. He believes in teamwork, cooperation, and respect between group members and he is looking forward to achieving great things during his time at Wheelock-Singapore. With the vast experiences that Hadi has working with young children, he believes in educating and imparting good moral values to children at a very young age to have a better and understanding society in the future. He also strongly believes in educating parents and he would like to be an advocate for parental education in the future.

“Driving the future generation to be better individuals and team players.”

Ng Poh Yee is the Vice-President for Wheelock College-Singapore. He hopes to make a difference in children by providing and allowing unconventional practices in his classroom. In his free time, he enjoys reading, gaming, roller skating, and hiking to explore new places. As a free spirit, he is a stronger believer of Gandhi’s famous quote of “being the change he wants to see in the world” and is never afraid to push conventional limits.

Eunice Vidette Theadore serves as the Secretary of the Wheelock Student Government. Having a friendly and approachable disposition, Eunice believes in the importance of building relationships with the people she meets. Her experience as an Early Childhood Educator has taught her the importance of patience, communication, resilience, teamwork and humility. Eunice strongly believes in servant leadership and the importance of making mistakes in continuous learning. Her experience in music and dance has helped her in the classroom as she continues to make learning fun and enjoyable for her students of varying learning needs.

One of Lydia Tan‘s biggest life mottoes is to try everything at least once. She values her experiences a lot. As an individual who has great interest in arts and museums, she aims to bring arts to children’s learning and to bring the world of arts closer for all families to enjoy.  Lydia strongly believes in providing many different experiences for young children to try and explore so as to cultivate life values such as perseverance and courage that children will keep with them throughout their lives. Lydia serves as the SIT Representative in the Wheelock Student Government.


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