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Get to know the Writing Centre folks who help get the words flowing

L to R: Saleha Ahmadi, Faith Yee, Crystal Yip, Astea Tay, Natasha Leah

The key goal of the Writing Centre is to promote collaborative learning. Our writing facilitators assist writers in addressing various issues they may encounter. In order for learning to be conducive, facilitators converse with writers about the topic at hand, support them to gain perspective on their writing, and facilitate writers’ process in developing ideas and finding their own answers. This places writers in control of their own writing.

In addition to a place where students can get help with their writing, the centre serves as the heart of the College’s writing community in Singapore. Students working to redraft and submit papers to conferences take advantage of the centre and student staff members can organize public talks around the topic of books and writing.

Consultant Bios

Want to get to know the Help Desk students? Here they are! Come visit anytime. The sign-up sheet is posted on the 8th floor notice board. Improving your writing is a lifelong learning effort. Get started now!

Astea Tay felt humbled and honored for this opportunity to serve as a member of the Communication Skills Help Desk. To Astea, writing helps her to record ideas, develop clarity in thought processes and aids her in self-reflection. She believes that good writing results from conscientious reading and that learning takes place when reading and writing are woven together.

Crystal Yip believes that writing is a medium of expression and communication, and everybody does so in different ways. Writing is a journey where people get to understand more of themselves in the process. She hopes to learn alongside and provide support to others, letting them know that they are not alone in this writing journey.

Upholding the motto of Wheelock College, Faith Yee hopes to inspire a world of good by touching young lives. She is an avid reader of books and hopes to one day write her own novel. She also enjoys playing floorball, playing the piano and walking her dog. She looks forward to meeting and learning together with peers at the writing center!

Natasha Leah enjoys helping people in need by lending a helping hand or through a listening ear for anyone who is embarking on the lifelong journey of language and literacy. She believes that everyone struggles but consulting others makes the struggle a more fruitful and manageable experience.

Saleha Ahmadi is intrigued that in the saying “the ha ha leads to the aha!”. She enjoys talking to people and learning from one another. Saleha believes that reading and writing helps us to see a better picture of the world and often of ourselves as well.


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