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Wheelock-Singapore students in the news

We couldn’t be more proud of our students who have been printed in various publications lately! Inspired by Prof. Margaret Leitch-Copeland’s Advocacy module, we have articles focused on parent involvement, staff:child ratios in preschools, and learning on the playground.

Congrats to Mei Xian and Beatrice Lim for this one (page 32 and 33 of The New Age Parents Magazine, April/May Issue): https://issuu.com/newageparents/docs/thenewage_parents_apr_may_17


Congrats to Alex Au, Jill See, Pamela Tan and Wendy Yee for this one: https://sg.theasianparent.com/teacher-child-ratio-in-singapore-preschools/

Congrats to Charis Chua, Brenda Toh and Nur Dakhirah Binte Jamaludin for this one: https://sg.theasianparent.com/things-you-can-do-child-learn-at-playground/

Congrats to Denise Lee, Joey Lim, and Hui Ru Yeo for submitting the thought-provoking Using Interviews with Multiple Generations to Build an Advocacy Case for Young Children in Singapore Learning their Family Chinese Dialects. (Still waiting on hoped-for publication.)

How about another round of applause for our student groups who submitted to the Third Annual Wheelock College Student Research and Scholarship Conference! We’ll find out if they were accepted any minute, but for now, big ups for throwing their hat in the ring!

— Refining Children’s Reading Comprehension Skills Through an Exposure to Wordless Books 

Tan Xin Yi, Eileen Chia, Anne Chua, and Zoey Tan

— Deepening Story Comprehension Through Participatory Story Drama

Jill See, Bethany Chang, Su Yi Cheng, Nurul Amalina



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