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Alumni spotlight: Crystal Tan

As an editor for a local parenting portal that consists of a parenting e-magazine and websites – New Age Pregnancy http://www.newagepregnancy.com/ and New Age Parents http://thenewageparents.com/ — Crystal Tan shares stories and advice, tips and resources with young parents, writing on diverse issues pertaining to children’s holistic development, pregnancy, education, health, parent bonding and many more.

Her topics range from providing tips for parents http://www.newagepregnancy.com/how-can-you-help-your-baby-to-sleep-soundly-through-the-night/, helping parents to understand more about the different kind of teaching approaches in preschools http://thenewageparents.com/choosing-a-school-for-your-child/, sharing fun places for kids http://thenewageparents.com/fun-and-meaningful-day-at-science-centre-singapore/, to family friendly travel http://thenewageparents.com/ho-chi-minh-city-attractions-vietnam/ and even family friendly eats http://thenewageparents.com/third-place-medtech-review/.

 Crystal, now 28, hadn’t set out to be a journalist or an editor. She studied early childhood education at Wheelock College-Singapore, graduating in 2010. She went on to work in the preschool sector for four years before taking her expertise to a professional setting outside of the classroom.

Crystal Tan

Crystal Tan

“My ECE training at Wheelock made this journey possible,” she says. “The different modules and learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom, plus the reflections, help me in my job now.”

While a student, Crystal joined her Singaporean classmates to visit the Wheelock College campus in Boston, a learning journey that widened her exposure to the challenges facing early childhood educators as well as the parents of young children.

“We got to see the different preschools in Boston and understand how they embrace diversities. It was inspiring to see how the teachers looked beyond the barriers and worked closely with the parents, so that they can help to unleash the children’s potential. It has definitely help me understand how important this partnership is,” she says.

At that time, while still a student, she also worked part-time for the parenting magazine as a freelance journalist.

“I begin to know more on what parents are thinking about – their worries and their anxieties, and I want to help and support them through their parenting journey. I guess it started from there,” she says.

When the magazine was expanding, Crystal was asked to join full-time. A lover of writing and language, she accepted the position.

“The owner asked if I could come back and help her, because she wanted to expand the company,” she explains.

That was two years ago, and Crystal is thriving in her role. She sees it as a continuation of her Wheelock training, offering advice and guidance to parents and interviewing among others parents, doctors, nutritionists, and experts on child development and early childhood learning.

She particularly enjoys sharing stories on the struggles and challenges that parents faced and how they can cope through this difficult period, hoping it will inspire other parents.

“I interviewed some of these parents who shared about their difficulties such as the struggles they faced as a new parent, how they cope with depression after childbirth and also, the pains that they went through to help their child with special needs. Putting these personal stories across to other parents, not only encourage them but it also formed some form of support as well,” she says.

Crystal sees her Wheelock training as a solid foundation on which to build her career, with a wide variety of choices that go far beyond classroom teaching.

“The opportunities to work in different industries made me realize that working with children and families is the most rewarding experience I have had. I learned a lot through the different exposures. I believe that no matter what kind of experience comes our way — good or bad, it is important to embrace it. Be positive and treat each experience as an opportunity to learn, challenge and grow. Having a positive attitude and mindset will lead you far in life.”



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