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For over 125 years, Wheelock College, a Boston (USA)-based liberal arts institution, has had a mission to improve the lives of children and families. In Singapore, our focus for 25+ years has been to train exemplary early childhood professionals. Learn more.


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  • Wheelock College-Singapore Class of 2017: "Transformers for Early Childhood Education"

    Wheelock College President David Chard's address to the Wheelock College-Singapore Class of 2017, whom he dubbed "transformers for early childhood education."

  • New article by Wheelock-Singapore students in AECES Journal

    "Children are naturally curious and innovative explorers who learn through hands-on experimentation. As educators, we should encourage opportunities for children to be in touch with their natural instincts and value the ideas that drive their enthusiasm."

  • Wheelock Alumni Celebration!

    Three for one! You can’t beat that for an Alumni celebration – dinner with President Chard, a local faculty gallery of curriculum projects, and the premier of “Voices of Children”! OH…and don’t forget to get your Master’s degree! Thinking about it? One last cohort coming up starting January 2018. Tell your friends, bring your colleagues…we will preview the Master’s program too. Can’t wait to see you there! Click on the poster

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Wheelock College-Singapore Class of 2017: “Transformers for Early Childhood Education” https://t.co/2M5JU8OR1G 
Wheelock Singapore  @wheelockspore
New article by recent Wheelock-Singapore graduates in AECES Journal https://t.co/MkXOIhaUjP