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Undergraduate and alumna featured in Straits Times early childhood supplement

Wheelock College-Singapore/Singapore Institute of Technology undergraduate Trenna Liong is featured in this recent Straits Times supplement, “Small steps, big impact: Early childhood educators play an important part in shaping young minds” (see page R5). In addition, alumna Melissa Bea is featured in a story on page R6. Continue reading

It Takes a Village to Grow an Educator

Wheelock College-Singapore contributed to the ECDA Early Childhood Conference for the third year in a row. 35 current students moderated the same number of workshops throughout the day on Friday, 30 Sept and Executive Director, Beth Fredericks delivered a workshop entitled “Literacy in Action” featuring our signature activity “StoryWalk!” While Wheelock College work diligently to educate early … Continue reading

Following in the footsteps of Joan Bergstrom, early learning pioneer and entrepreneur

The second winner of the annual Joan Bergstrom Award follows in the footsteps of a dynamic pioneer in early childhood education with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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From learning to teaching at Wheelock College-Singapore

Drizzle Hshieh sees technology as an interactive tool that teachers and parents can tap on to enhance not on their children’s but also their own teaching and learning. Continue reading

‘Amazing Trailblazers’ at Wheelock College-Singapore

In a tradition at Wheelock College-Singapore, Jackie Jenkins-Scott has bestowed a unique descriptive name on each graduating class. In her last year as president of Wheelock College, Jackie gave the name “Amazing Trailblazers” to the Class of 2016. Continue reading

Alumni spotlight: Crystal Tan

As an editor for a local parenting portal that consists of a parenting e-magazine and websites – New Age Pregnancy and New Age Parents — Crystal Tan shares stories and advice, tips and resources with young parents, writing on diverse issues pertaining to children’s holistic development, pregnancy, education, health, parent bonding and many more. Continue reading

Alumni spotlight: Stephanie Ng on helping schools to become more tech-savvy and efficient

Stephanie Ng loves children, and after earning a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Wheelock College-Singapore, she got a teaching job and embarked on what seemed like a pretty clear career path. Stephanie also loves technology. And when her principal wanted someone to help with a technology project, the principal tapped Stephanie. Continue reading

Dean’s Letter to Wheelock Alumni and Friends

Building on a legacy: For over 25 years, Wheelock has offered a range of early childhood professional development opportunities, including full Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs in Singapore. Continue reading

Alumni spotlight: Laura Tan on making museums child-friendly and fun

Postage stamps tell stories. They teach us about history and geography, people and culture, science and technology, and they use graphics and colors in creative and imaginative ways. Children discover that stamps are miniature pieces of art that document historical milestones, national achievements, inspirational people and more.
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Alumni spotlight: Elaine Chan on teaching preschoolers through museums

First in an occasional series on Wheelock College Singapore alumni whose work in early childhood education have taken them outside of the classroom and into other workplaces, extending their expertise and teaching approach to a wider reach. Continue reading