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For over 125 years, Wheelock College, a Boston (USA)-based liberal arts institution, has had a mission to improve the lives of children and families. In Singapore, our focus for 25+ years has been to train exemplary early childhood professionals. Learn more.


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    How to improve the quality of pre-school services here in Singapore

    Preschools need strong leadership like never before. As demand for quality preschool continues to grow, Singapore’s pre-school sector faces challenges that urgently need to be addressed, including a high exit rate in the profession, with too many preschool teachers leaving the classroom after only a few years.

  • Teach kids self-control, focus and how to manage emotions

    The Straits Times interviews early childhood development expert Ellen Galinsky on life skills that help young children do better in school and in life.

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    Season's Greetings

    Season's greetings to friends and partners in service to the early childhood community in Singapore.

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